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Feb 6th,

I am working on a book abut modular Synthesizers in german language.

I have added a Tab on this site leading to playlists with helpful videos that can be updated regularily.

I have also added a Tab for information about private coaching offers.

Dec 22nd, 23

Basswerk 59 (out now) features the full version of "I want you" with Jonathan Baker ... and the cover Laszlo Milasovzky's Painting "Turquoise Scarlet" https://orcd.co/q8rboqd

It's maybe one of the happiest tunes on the album... we hope we can all find some happiness today.

Oct 31st, 23



Di. 31.10.2023 @ Gebäude 9 - Köln

Deutz Mülheimer Str 117 (ehem. 127)

Ab 22h


THE GREEN MAN (TGM) (Basswerk)
REBKO (Drop That!)
DJ BASIC (Pathfinder/Deegree)
RINC (Pathfinder)
JSPR (Pathfinder)

MC CHEVY (Basswerk / N.0.H.A.)


October 29th, 23 Remix for Mad Vibes & Dubwilder

Basswerk 58 Mad Vibes EP Pre Release

The EP features a very fresh and recent "Pigs" TGM rmx as well as contributions by Tony's longtime pal Dubwilder, who added some dubby vibes to the original "Pigs" track.

October 23

Don‘t bomb, kill or fight civilians!!

August 30th, 23

Basswerk 57 No Need for Consensus w/ Thorsten Quaeschning bringing the beautiful musical talent from Thorsten Quaeschning (Tangerine Dream) together with my way of working with Beats, Bass and musical elements on this.


August 17th, 23

Basswerk 56 Freedom - This is Digital, TGM & Daddy Freddy‘s ruff edged - Freedom track in three versions!


We do it the old school way… the album is out already, no we come up with single releases.

„Freedom“ (by Digital, TGM & Daddy Freddy) is a heavy one and now comes in different versions - a long club version, the album version and a short edit for radio.

June 30th, 23

Basswerk 55 Gourski & TGM - High Voltage

This track is full of energy!


Finishing this modern energetic track together with Gourski using samples of the new Oberheim OB-X8 really was a fun session. Out as a single release today (June 30, 2023):  https://orcd.co/pn3zd8m

June 16th,.23

Basswerk 54 Word, Sound, Power w/ Peter Bouncer

This release features the Acoustic version + the album 2023 Rmx version + an extended Long version of the 2023 Rmx.


Peter Bouncer is an outstanding singer, and he has been proving this before when he worked together with Congo Natty on "Junglist" (feat. Peter Bouncer) and by entering the UK charts at #2 when he worked with Shut Up & Dance. The Green Man's collaboration with Peter roots from his 2013 album and now comes in stunning new versions. The acoustic version is simply beautiful and emphasizes Peter’s great vocalist skills, while the 2023 Rmx rises the energy on the dancefloor.

June 5th, 23

Basswerk 53 On the Dancefloor

This is the album opener by TGM & Laura...and we are all happy to be back on the dancefloor! This single release contains a special long & and instrumental version.



June 2nd, 23

this is the release day of my new album! On 25 Years Basswerk Sessions I collaborate with many different great artists from all over the world....

Tracklisting with ISRC, UPC & Labelcopy

UPC 197 1883 019 412

1. TGM & Laura - On the Dancefloor (3:39) (Short Version) ISRC DEZ672300001

2. TGM, Navigator & Maria Kublashvili (2:54) - Power to the Nurse ISRC DEZ672300002

3. Freee Will & TGM – Licht (4:43) ISRC DEZ672300003

4. Jaycut, TGM & Vavunettha – Deep In My Heart (Full Version) (4:30) ISRC DEZ672300004

5. Digital, TGM & Daddy Freddy - Freedom (Album Version) (4:15) ISRC DEZ672300005

6. TGM & Kingz - Buck Out (3:49) ISRC DEZ672300006

7. TGM, Ras Abraham & DJ Freeze - Haffi Do It (3:39) ISRC DEZ672300007

8. TGM - Breakbeat Bossa (2:15) ISRC DEZ672200010

9. Jonathan & TGM - I Want You (Single Version) (2:45) ISRC DEZ672300009

10. Gourski & TGM – High Voltage (3:06) ISRC DEZ672300010

11. TGM & Peter Bouncer - Word, Sound Power (2023 Rmx Edit) (2:37) ISRC DEZ672300011

12. TGM - Inner Pressure (5:05) ISRC DEZ672300012

13. TGM - Tsuyoiga Reigi Tadashī (2:47) ISRC DEZ672300013

14. Thorsten Quaeschning & TGM - No Need for Consensus (Jungle Mix) (4:19) ISRC DEZ672300014

15. Mad Vibes & TGM – Temple (4:10) ISRC DEZ672300015

16. Aquasky & TGM - Talk to Me (5:11) ISRC DEZ672300016

17. Philo & TGM - Go with the Flow (5:36) ISRC DEZ672300017

18. James Hardway, TGM & Vavunettha - Meet Me in the Jungle (5:22) ISRC DEZ672300018

19. TGM & Skarra Mucci - Windows to the World (Edit) (3:04) ISRC DEZ672300019

20. TGM & Peter Bouncer - Word, Sound, Power (Acoustic Version) (2:58) ISRC DEZ672300020

21. TGM & David Boomah - Jungle Music (2:54) ISRC DEZ672300021

Labelcopy Tracks: 01) written, produced and performed by Heiner Kruse & Laura, 02) written & performed by Heiner Kruse, Steven Crawford and Maria Kublashvili, produced by Heiner Kruse,

03) writer, producer & lyricist Freee Will (Will Baron), additonal music writing, producing, remixing by Heiner Kruse, 04) written & performed by Jens Gehlen, Heiner Kruse & Vavunettha

Ramesh, produced by Jens Gehlen, Heiner Kruse & Christopher Gros, 05) written, produced & performed by Steven Carr, Heiner Kruse & Frederic Nelson, 06) written, produced & performed

by Heiner Kruse & Kingsley Obeng, 07) produced by Heiner Kruse and Eric Fries, written & performed by Heiner Kruse & Abraham Green, 08) written & produced by Heiner Kruse, 09) written,

produced & performed by Jonathan Baker & Heiner Kruse, 10) written, produced & performed by Heiner Kruse & Daniel Gourski, 11), 20) written & performed by Heiner Kruse & Peter Mc

Kenzie, produced by Heiner Kruse & Eric Fries, 12), 13) written, produced & performed by Heiner Kruse, 14) written, produced & performed by Thorsten Quaeschning & Heiner Kruse, 15)

written, produced & performed by Tony Calhoun & Heiner Kruse, 16) written, performed & produced by Dave Wallace, Kieron Bailey, Brent Newitt, Heiner Kruse, 17) written, produced &

performed by Philomene Robinne & Heiner Kruse 18) written by David Harrow & heiner Kruse, performed by David Harrow, Heiner Kruse, Vavunettha Ramesh & Dominic Leitgeb, produced by

David Harrow, Heiner Kruse & Christopher Gros 20) written & performed by Heiner Kruse & Calvin Davis, produced by Heiner Kruse & Eric Fries, 21) written, produced & performed by Heiner

Kruse & David Anthony Williams

May 31st

My Echoes project, supported by Musikfonds e.V/ Neustart Kultur, is now kind of finished, but I will continue to work on some of those projects and I have learnt a lot from it. Amongst other things, the main thing was to build a Performance setup, which I played live in Berlin during superbooth, but which allows many more options, which I documented via sound.report and tgmechoes.de

April 25

I will play on sunday @ basswerk in den mai!

check linktr.ee/ basswerk

this includes a link to tickets and to a new single „Haffi Do It“ I did with Freeze & Ras Abraham

Haffi do it will come out on April 28.

April 10

I will play superbooth with a mixed set with delay/ dub experiments and tracks from 25 years basswerk, dub and some ambient sounds

on friday, may 12 4.30 pm @ session stage

Mar 31

Basswerk 51 Deep in my heart out now

First Single from „25 Years Basswerk Sessions“  by Jaycut, The Green Man (TGM) & Vavunettha

Jaycut, TGM & Vavunettha

1) Deep in my Heart (Radio Version) 3:34 ISRC DEZ672300032

2) Deep in my Heart (Full Version) 4:30 ISRC DEZ672300004

3) Deep in my Heart (Instrumental Version) 4:30 ISRC DEZ672300031

UPC: 197188453435



Landing Page






Mar 21

Basswerk in den Mai with Digital confirmed!

S0 30.4.2023@ Gebaeude 9 Koeln

Other djs: Jaycut, Philo, Gourski, Mad Vibes, Freeze, Jonathan Baker, Chevy, Sehvermoegen, TGM

Mar 7

25 Years Basswerk Sessions album is finished!

We had our anniversary last year, but it took us until now to finish this project.

This will feature music by TGM &..

Aquasky  David Boomah  Peter Bouncer  Daddy Freddy  Digital  DJ Freeze  Freee Will  Gourski  James Hardway  Jaycut  Jonathan Baker  Kingz  Mad Vibes  Maria Kublashvili  Laura  Navigator Philo  Thorsten Quaeschning (Tangerine Dream) Ras Abraham Skarra Mucci  Vavunettha

Dec 17

Basswerk 50

The Green Man (TGM) & gsky. - Strong

Release Dec 5, 2022

UPC 197187462285

1 - Strong


Oct 28

Basswerk 49 out!

The Green Man (TGM) - Lower Breakbeats EP


Release Oct 28, 2022

UPC: 197187126569

1 - Breakbeat Bossa


2 - Gangsta Boogie


both tracks written & produced by Heiner Kruse a.k.a. The Green Man (TGM)



Oct 20

In the October issue of professional audio I started writing about TASCAM’s history… uncovering various stories of product developments became really fascinating……there is potential for a movie in here......sometimes product technology became useful for astronauts, music listeners at home, doctors, in flight entertainment, slow motion on tv…    it’s a lot about breaking conventions and expectations and tryin out new things, trying to find solutions whatever problem there is … also about cooperations between people in Japan and USA…..which brought back my own memories of a job I had in the 90s working for a New York glove manufacturer…….the article is now going to be translated too… the German version is free to read now as an „editor’s selection“.

Oct 6

I will be playing a set between around 0:30 and 2:00 at Gebäude 9 on Pathfinder & Basswerk Halloween 2022! Its the first time after Corona I will play again...and there is a lot of new stuff to hear...possibly also new stuff with Kingz...tracks of an upcoming 25 Years of Basswerk compilation.

Oct 4

On www.lowerbreakbeats.de. and www.sound.report

you can find both pages a bit more polished now.....and a lot of new videos, including one very experimental session treating drums with Landscape TT. On sound.report there are also reports about Norand Morphos and Korg Volca FM2 + NTS-1.

Sep 30

Lower Breakbeats is makin more waves....I‘ve got a lot of space in Synthesizer-Magazin to explain special techniques with SP-404, EMU SP-1200, 1010music stuff, Squarp Rample, Qu-Bit Data Bender and more. Check the new issue of Synthesizer-Magazin! It‘*sd an 8 page report and its mentioned on the front page (german only). www.lowerbreakbeats.de.

Sep 23


It’s my way of doing things ever since things became to weird and impersonal - with every basswerk label release I will add a contribution. BW48 brings two great jungle tracks from Brian Brainstorm…my remix started slowly, but then also something faster evolved, so tI added two versions, one that keeps it slow and the other one (which I prefer) which balances things out…(part of Lowe Breakbeats project, supported by Musikfonds e.V/ Neustart Kultur). Also the Baltes & Zäyn TGM Lower Breakbeats Rmx got released Sep 9. Check www.lowerbreakbeats.de.

Aug 28

Find more mews on my „Lower Breakbeats“ project under www.lowerbreakbeats.de. This includes a link to a YT Page, an article in german Synthesizer-Magazine and infos about new music. The page gets more love to become better.

Aug 26

We heard that basswerk has been voted one of the top3 labels on „new“ german D&B awards. An event/ a ceremony took place in Dresden Aug 26 where I couldnt attend but sent a video. They have a page, but I find the infos are a bit hard to access or not there.


Aug 14

Remix for Baltes & Zäyn. I did a „Lower Breakbeats“ remix for Baltes & Zäyn - Apocalyptech - to be released on September 9th as far as I know.


May 28

Via video.heinerkruse.de, more tutorial videos can now be seen.

May 1st

We had an emotional comeback @ Gebaeude 9, Koeln. Unfortunately, due to a broken foot and other circumstances, I did just make the event happen, but didn‘t perform.

April 27

I received support for my „Lower Breakbeats“ project from german „Musikfonds“, which supports experimental music. This project will feature fragments, tutorials, written content & articles and finished projects.

April 10th

Check some new contents and tutorials on video.heinerkruse.de.

Mar 29th

We will have a massive live event: Basswerk, Pathfinder & Junglegrowers Restart @ Gebaeude 9 feat. Coco Bryce, Brian Brainstorm, Philo, Decon, Basic and Rinc (final lineup tbc). on April 30th. Basswerk is becoming 25y this year and we will have a proper restart, including Philo joining Basswerk team! I won‘t be playing this time, but I‘m curating the event and prepare some new productions for my fellow dj‘s

Mar 25th

My rmx of Enea & Fava - Wonders is up including a little self-directed video! Its about beauty in the small things that should remind us to stay humble and take care of things


Feb 17th:

Two more videos up for „Pulses“. One is generating a rhythm with ALM Pamela‘s Workout layering various rhythms over each other that come from unusual clock divisions with delays and help of an Euclidean tool. Sound is derived from various WMD and Mutable Instruments drums, effects and other modules (Mutable Instruments Beads, Grayscale Supercell, FX Aid, Dreadbox Eudemonia, Bastl Cinnamon).


The other one is just a short jam with spoken letters with 87/174 bpm showing Circuit Rhytm's Grid Fx + Fx Send.


(supported by GVL and Neustart Kultur)

Jan 29th

For my „Pulses“ project I am creating rhythms in new ways...

Check this video (german/ deutsch): https://youtu.be/fH5OnqB00pY

Pulses is supported by GVL/Neustart Kultur.

Jan 1st

I made a smooth Jungle rmx with heavy subbass for Enea - Resonance, released on basswerk here: https://orcd.co/ejd0pne (also part of „Pulses“)


For christmas, I made a smooth freebie chill hop track called Schnee (part of „Pulses“ project), supprted by GVL and Neustart Kultur), grab it for free on bandcamp or in stores!


Dec 17th

I made a rmx for Giana Brotherz - Wuestensturm, a german D&B classic, which was released on basswerk together with other rmxs (Zombie Cats, Giaan Brotherz, Scary Woods, Zardonic) (part of „Pulses“ project)


Nov 9th

I am receiving support by GVL for my project „Pulses“, working with rhythms in new ways.

Nov 2nd

I have curated a YouTube channel/page (Link: video.heinerkruse.de

with music and tutorials. You‘ll find there both, stuff from me and from others, music and tutorials, german & english

Oct 26

My 1st album „You Decide“ was rereleased on Basswerk!


Oct 13:

My remix of Ultima C & Danoo „Trail of Tears“ came out


Sep 29:

Apart from a lot of „Noises“ on soundcloud.com/greenman, I have managed to compose some Ambiences and Listening Adventures for #coronanw #notd #kulturnrw project. Check:




September 9: My track „F*** Sentimental“ came out on Revolver-Sounds „Gun Talk“, a compilation also featuring Veak, Junx, Mad Vibes, Bassface and more.... It was produced in March. Back then, the help of Musikfonds/ Berlin/ Neustart Kultur helped me a lot.


September 9th: I started releasing „Ambiences of the Day“ under my real name. I was very sad that my father gave away the old Grotrian Steinweg Grand Piano I learnt on, but I was able to sample it for a few hours before it went away. I have been working on the material and have created two ambiences with it so far. One is heavily working with Mutable Instruments Beads, the other one also, but mainly incorporated a self-tuned sampled instrument. I have learnt how to microtune all my instruments now using oddsound MTS-ESP suite, which I also reviewed in professional audio.

Whatever you do is a result of everything that happened before. However weird it may have been.


August 25:

My video based on Favas footage for my remix of Enea & Fava's Dust was voted Best D&B video of the year in the new german D&B Awards!


One cant take awards too serious, but I like that it makes  people check things again when there is a selection... big up Enea & MC Fava !

I like working with video, this is motivating. I have pictures in my head when i listen to music....this one wasnt easy, but we wanted to make it happen...so we made the efforts....thanks, Phil!

July 31st: My new Logic Pro Book is released (Rheinwerk Verlag)


July 30: My album „You decide“ was rereleased on bandcamp

June 26: My remix for Hardtwald x MB Valent came out. I like MB Valents video for it


May: I am working on Noises and Ambiences for my project „Noise of the Day“ as a special during the Corona crisis. The aim is to capture special sounds from nature and gear. We will see how this develops

April 2nd: My release „All Eyes“ with singer „Dany“ (also known as Farayi) is out now on basswerk 46. This is a project focussing on emotional sound with microtonal experiments and a cinematic touch, supported by Musikfonds/Berlin and Neustart Kultur program. I‘ve also made a video for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nteAnJhmu_s.

Jan - Mar: I have been testing various equipment including: bitbox, bluebox, Ableton Live 11, Maschine+ VocAlign Ultra, Keystep 37, Novation AFX station for professional audio (german only) and am working on some genre-independent tracks and noises. I have received support from Musikfonds/ Berlin/ Neustart Kultur and I am working on microtonal experiments.

Dec 21 and 25: I did a very unique track with Navigator, I came up with a sketch and he started singing about this deceased father … it took me some time to get this one right…and to find the right time for it, I guess its now, I wish you all the best. Official release is Dec25th, starting today it is out as freebie/pay what you want on basswerk.bandcamp.com for a short time!


November: During lockdowns, I have posted a few tests and improvisedjams... there will be a special release in december, more pieces to come and some airplay on Dec31 13h @ 674fm. #Novemberjams #kulturnrw #coronakultur


Oct 31st: Our regular basswerk event didnt take place due to COVID #19. That‘s a shame cause we couldnt do it last year either since Gebäude 9 was fully overhauled and we were really lookin forward to it - same as on April 30. This time Sehvermoegen and I did two Basswerk Session/ Gebaeude 9 style videos with my new tracks on Function UK (Junglist Soldier Rmx & Who‘s weird?) So always ask yourself when someone makes you feel crazy: Who‘s the one who‘s really weird? And lets all be a bit weird every now and then.



October: For beatalistics Records, I did an athmospheric vocal breakbeat track and a mixtape. You can find it on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music..but now its also released as a limited edition Compact Cassette. I‘ve always been a Cassette fan, so I love it. Get it here: https://buff.ly/3eI2CPc. The mix is also in all digital stores. #Novemberjams #kulturnrw #coronakultur

August 14: My remix of Enea & MC Fava‘s  „Dust“ came out. It uses some self-tuned Synths and oldschool beats. It is accompanied by a video with comic style animation I made myself based on MC Fava‘s Footage. Fava and Enea have been working as „beatalistics“ in Soth Germany. Fava has also released with Keeno, Klute, Logistics and Seba on Hospital, V-Rec, Commercial Suicide and Spearhead. He also performed with Etherwood @ Hospitality on the beach or @Sunandbass and Liquicity. https://youtu.be/_6ePX-THASc?list=PLF3EB371C656AB917

July 3rd: My EP with Steve Digital (Function/Metalheadz) is out on Function (Function 501) feat. Junglist Soldier (w/ Digital, Freeze, Ras Abraham, Sabrination), Hijacked (w/Digital) and Who‘s Weird?. Its also featured on a DnBarena Spotify Playlist. Edit: Now also on a Shy FX Playlist!

May/June: I recorded Basswerk 11 vinyl (Damn Wire/ Copper to iron, mastered by Simon @ The Exchange and put it up for free! Bandcamp also includes some sound examples from my performance under my real name @ Klang & Raum Festival, Koeln, St. Gertrud, November 2019. When performing live, I improvised over it, so this is just the „barebone“ and very raw, but I still like it, so I decided to give this away for free/ pay what you want.

Youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHqicysJWFY&t=2569s )

Do April 30...    Basswerk x Deegree x Drop That Stream in den Mai .. DJ&VJ performance with Sehvermoegen

Marcel Panne and I have been performing at "Basswerk Sessions" @ Gebäude 9 since 1998 - varying intensities in sound and picture. I'm aware there is a new wave of formatted Drum & Bass "in town", but to me this is what the genre is about (this is 1hr of our stream without the transmission interferences incl many dubplates)

Friday March 7: Synaesthesia Liveact...  who am I? Heiner? The Green Man? Philo saw me @ Klang & Raum and asked me to do something between Ambient & Jungle.... I always love that approach... it happened @ Niehler Freiheit...the last event before Corona...it was spooky...we knew it was coming, but we ...just did it one last time.

Saturday Jan 11, Basswerk Session @ Gebaeude 9 Koeln again - feat. Document One. Gebaeude 9 has been totally renewed.

November 17 18h under my real name I performed an Ambient Set @ Klang & Raum/ St. Gertrud. I plan to do more ambient stuff in the future - some tracks do have a soundtrack vibe.

In 2019 my album with Kingz was released (The Green Man & Kingz - Changes), followed by: The Green Man presents: 22 Years of Basswerk/ The Collab Sessions. Thes two CDs feature collab tracks which I did with: Aquasky, David Boomah, Brian Brainstorm, Chevy, Digital, FR33M4N, DJ Freeze, Gourski, Kammerchor des KMGV (Kölner Männer-Gesang-Verein), Kingz, Klute, Maria Kublashvili, (MC) Navigator, Numinos, Thorsten Quaeschning (Tangerine Dream), Gregor Schwellenbach, Seibel, Skarra Mucci, Triou, Ultima C, Zera

I’ve been working on this for more than 2 years now. The project received a funding form Kulturamt Koeln. 2019 will see the release of many more tracks from this project, including collabs with Navigator, Can Top, Bermooda. Digital, Daddy Freddy, Marvel Cinema, Brian Brainstorm, Seibel and many more.

In July 2019 another collab came out: Bermooda & The Green Man - Der Sound verändert Dich, also in August my Alternative Rmx of: Da Real Sound feat. Nikita Candis - Change

Spotify doesnt get that The Green Man and The Green Man (TGM) are the same, Apple music does!